Riding the Waves

I’m just back from a trip which fulfilled one of my childhood dreams… To go sailing!

Since my last class trip where we made a tour through the IJsselmeer and some contact with a three-master in Bergen I wanted to set sail myself… 😀

So as a somewhat birthday present I went on a sailing trip in the mediterranean sea. Starting by car from germany making a short stop in Siena, I went on to Porto Santo Stefano where the boat was anchored.

Bustling we left the port while I was completely overwhelmed with all the new impressions and too much information in sailing speech. However I learned and asked questions without pause, to the chagrin of some…

We set sail the first time to go to Giglio and I was already thrilled with the busyness when setting sail and commands that indicate a change in course. “KLARMACHEN ZUR WENDEEE!!” Reply: “Klar” … “REEE!!”. 🙂 Somehow like Pirate feeling

Giglio has a small village on top of the island which had everything I like in italy… like Siena the small hidden streets are a sight for sore eyes. Just something you can dream of living there when you get older.

Giglio Castello
Typical endearing italian streets in Castello – Part 2
Typical endearing italian streets in Castello – Part 1

Our team consisted of four people, Dirk and Sabine who already did several Sailing trips, Thomas and Me. Dirk was our skipper (Good looking, strong, cheerful with his full hair waving in the wind as he liked to describe himself; while i rather liked to describe him as little buddha, for I seldom met somebody who was so down to earth, enjoying his life and declined to aspire to mundane wealth) and taught us with a lot of patience all the commands, moves and maneuver on deck.

I liked to inspect all the ropes and think how they worked interlinked with the sails and mast. To set the fore sail and main sail several commands and ropes had to be set and in changing wind conditions you had to adapt the sails positions. Sailing is not just like driving a car, to turn the wheel and you are done… Its more the constant struggle with and against the wind. …Wrestle with the elements… Eh, now it sounds stressful, while actually it was quite relaxing. Even if the boat had its 45° tilted position 😛


So we went on with full day sailing trip to Elba with wind and rain and waves and shaking… so much fun. Adventure!! I was often reminded on hollywood movies, especially when dirk told us about the “Patent halse” maneuver, which you see in literally every movie with pirates and storms… (When the mast of the main sail swings sideward and one person is knocked overboard) … or when all the small islands passed by with forts and small villages, like colonies from a distant time.

Entrance to portoferraio on Elba

The night we spent either in the bays of the isles, taking the dingy to the beach, or in port to enjoy italian lifestyle… which means good food and wine… pizza and seafood… Hmmm…


Just wanted to say thanks to the crew again, it was an amazing ride; not free of errors (I put some water in the diesel tank, ouch…) or disputes but the overall trip was just amazing.

And while I wasn’t completely free of sea sickness (when below deck I had a strange feeling in my belly) Count me in to be on a boat again next season!


P.S.: Lots of additional things to mention:

  • at full moon in the bay watching the calm sea and star filled sky from deck
  • swimming in the sea in the morning and feeling the salt in my mouth
  • with my head in the clouds, dreaming and feeling like a small child
  • inventions like the toilets and swinging oven below deck
  • nature is wild and beautiful… watching dolphins, still missing whales
  • somehow learned a big deal again about myself on the trip…

P.P.S.: Don’t mind the bad image quality, I forget my akku at home, not the full camera, mind the…

P.P.P.S.: It’s been some time writing… 😀 Expect some stories from the past years!

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