Saying Goodbye to Canada

Nostalgia and melancholia set in. I just arrived from the airport and I’m thinking back of all the great experiences of the last days and months…
The last days definitely had some highlights:
Meeting with Elyn and Mike in Pub Italia…
Going out in the field to set up the small Eddy Station with Elyn…
Having Beer and lunch at Matts place…
One last time to Mer Bleue were I met some other (PhD)students…
Cooking with Amelie and going to the beach…
At the last day we met at ‘Mikes Place’, the Pub here at Carleton University to have some cold ones and stayed for a couple of hours. It was great! I’m not really sure how I was able to get home; who cares… But I had some really good sleep, before waking up while recognizing that I still had to finish packing all my stuff.

Well, Goodbye Canada. Goodbye Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Whitehorse (I will write about the capital trips later in the Blog). Goodbye to Carleton University. And goodbye to all those amazing people I met. I already have the feeling that I need to go back there 😉

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