Yukon – Epilogue

On our supposed to be last day we visited Haynes a small port town in south Alaska. On the way south we crossed several landscape sceneries. Unfortunately several clouds took away our possible great view…

Finally arriving at the border we had to through American customs. A scene like a Hollywood cliche. The officer with his reflecting sunglasses and his brusque language, demanding no opposition… We were asked inside. Giving me back my pass he was saying in his low serious voice “You sir, are Ok. But this troublemaker…” I had to gather all my strength to not start to laugh… Stilians ESTA had to be renewed…


When finally coming to the US we were feeling like traveling through some charming Redneck back country area. Listening to the local radiostation calling out for all kinds of missing iphones and kittens was doing the remaining work ๐Ÿ˜€


Haynes was just cute. A small fisher town with all kinds of shops. I found my love for Fudge again and some really well flavored with lime and maple sirup especially.

The way back was not so lucky. Long Story short we had a crash with a government car letting us stay the evening at a station in the middle of nowhere.

so sad…

We met two nice people from the government, responsible for roadwork construction. For the next couple of days we had to stay in Whitehorse until everything with the insurance was settled. At least in this respect we had some time to visit all museums and shops extensively. Next to the Beringia museum especially a tour through the Yukon Brewery was very special to me. Anybody likes to share? ๐Ÿ˜€


After a long weekend where we met some drug junkies, have been to the fishladder and had more fudge, Stilian was able to finish the insurance business and we could fly back to Vancouver. Along trip through one of the greatest country’s for Wildlife enthusiasts ended and I will always think back on it getting very nostalgic.

P.S.: By now Stilians car has been repaired and brought back in the safe haven of Vancouver. All’s well that ends well.

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