Setup of an Eddy Station

The last week was busy since we were to set up a Eddy station. Although the station was supposed to be without an Gas-analyzer there was still enough to be done and prepared before heading out in the field. For two days I was building thermocouple temperature sensors which were to be inserted in the ground for continuous temperature measurement along two profiles (They can be seen in the lower part of the title image in the following video; We had no time to install them the day out in the field). It was a welcome job variation since skilled manual work was needed.

Cables with different metals were first skinned, then well connected and again isolated with heatshrink. In the next step to be inserted into the ground were equipped with the sensors. Some holes had to be drilled for this at different depths and cables had to be fixed that nothing dangles around.

Elyn was setting up all the technical details with installation of the loggers, while I had to check cables and labeling. A fast build up of the tower and all components in the lab should check that we would have all pieces. (Yes preparation was done a little bit in a hurry)

Friday we then went out in the field to bushwhack our way into the fen while we also had to carry all the equipment for a couple of kilometers. Luckily we were 5-7 people to carry everything so it was a little bit easier…

The final work can be seen in the following video:

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