Yukon Day 6 – Meeting Atlas and Beavers

Following our way from expectation pass the road was clear. Yes… maybe I should introduce you to the road we traveled on the map. (also here)

Donjek - Map with route (NTS 115G)
Map of northern Kluane National Park with the traveled route. Each color represents one day of the trip. You can also visit Stilians page for this.

Well, as David, the ranger we talked to, said we had to stay up at the height and work ourselves along the slopes of the hills until we come close to atlas pass. That’s what we did. Some Gravel slopes had to be crossed and feet were really itching since all the time your feet were disposed sidewards.

The valley that we came through upwards to atlas pass

However we fought our way upwards again to atlas pass With a great view. The way we came from was a nice valley with lots of grass, while the way to go seemed desolate while also somehow colorful.

On top of the mountain in the middle of nowhere

Over fine schist and clay shale we carefully moved down into the valley avoiding to slip away. I can imagine that some people would really cherish the geology, well I did, but was already missing some knowledge from study time…


Downwards we became aware that seemly fresh bear tracks were in front of us. They would stay with us the whole day; Maybe because we were headed in the direction of grizzly creek?


Arriving in the neighboring valley again we followed the Duke river upwards in the hope to find a camping place or a place to cross. Eventually we found a nice place on the river outwash plain after having been mislead for a couple of kilometers through bushes… My legs were crisscrossed everywhere 😀

A little bit further up was our camp.

BONUS: Along Duke River we went into the woods and along a slope, as suddenly all the lower terrain was flooded. Beavers again. We crossed multiple dams cascade like constructed until we finally were walking over the main dam since we had to get back to the river. It’s a fun experience crossing a dam while the water flows through under your feet.P1030416

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