Yukon Day 4 – Bushwhacking par excelence


Got not so much to say… we were following the Donjek upwards but had to get up the hills and bushwhack us through the woods every couple of kilometers since the river did not wanted to let us pass. In the end we found a nice camping spot on a cliff facing the glacier.

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  1. Max Perchanok says:

    I spent a month camped at the south end of Donjek terminus in 1980 while working on a thesis and government report about the geomorphology of the neoglacial lake shores and dry waterfalls. I returned on backpacking trips a couple of times but did not succeed in reaching the terminus again on foot, only from air tours. You pictures and this article bring it all back to me. Well done!

    1. sokky41 says:

      Thanks Max for the kind words. It’s now that I’m back in Germany that I think more and more often back and I really need to see the Donjek and the Kluane Park again… 😀

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