Yukon Day 3 – Action Pass-ing

That was the day. Upwards along a small stream..We went through snow. Upwards. More snow. Still upwards. At the highest point of the pass we could already see Donjek Valley kilometers in the distance.and then it went rough:

We had to work our way down a narrow valley, climb over multiple debris slopes and cross the river a couple of times. It was exhausting. Parts were risky. But it was soooo much fun!!

When we came close to the delta the valley opened and we could see the Donjek River over the rubble. To the Donjek it took us and to the next challenge. Several arms of the river went through the valley and blocked our continuous way. So we had to cross it.


Later we were forced to go back into the woods since the stream was too strong. No the ugly part started: Bushwhacking. We arrived tired in a small feeder river valley where we put up our tents. I was happy that the bushwhacking was over. Little did I know what was ahead of us 😀

Yikes… Bushwhacking!

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  1. no name says:

    Awesome video partner 😉

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