Head in the skies

I did a small two day hike north of Vancouver at the end of my time here. From Horseshoe Bay to Lions Bay over the mountains and ridges of the area.

You see the trail? some trails look like this…

It started with some bushwhacking much like most of the time in the Yukon. Just before I wanted to give up I found a good trail up the mountains. Steep and steeper it went from the ocean to over 1000m… Puh, steep hikes were invented here. Only way these trails were stable is because of all the roots you are climbing in all the time.

View to Vancouver Island on the first day
View from the first day over some islands and Vancouver Island in the far distance

At the end of the first day I found a small lake which gave me much wished bathing opportunity for Refreshment.

On the second day I went even higher along the Howe Sound Crest Trail to two mountain monoliths, the Lions. The trail went over some small ridges and along steep cliffs. I guess its the Canadian way of hiking. Yeah!

The Lions
The Lions, two twin monoliths

At the lions all kinds of clouds traveled over the mountains and due to all the tourists I didn’t climbed the Lions. Further along no more people dared to do the trails and I was alone on to Brunswick Mountain. On the way some snow fields invited to boot skiing, I lost control on the third one and stopped brawny at some rocks on the bottom.

Boot skiing down these snowfields

Several steep parts and imaginative trails (I have to applaud the person who invented and found all these routes) later I still decided to go down since my water was running empty and I wasn’t sure if I would find some up in the mountains.

Panorama Views

However It was an amazing tour. On my way down to Lions Bay I found lots of raspberry’s and met a young couple which gave me a ride back to Vancouver. Time well spent đŸ˜€

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