Yukon – Prologue

A journey has to start with a proper preparation and I was lucky that my friend Stilian is more seasoned with preparing longer travels. After deciding which Route to do (Donjek Route in Kluane Nationalpark. It is considered one of hardest in the Park with a rating of “very difficult” by Canadian standards. The term route refers to approximate directions without trails, there fore Compass, maps and a GPS were essential. Several times of bushwhacking was to be expected and loose gravel hills to be climbed or slide down. And don`t forget to prepare properly for Bear Country.) I flew to Vancouver to meet up and start preparations. Stilian already had his newest tool in the tube, a dehydrator, to dry food to reduce weight, that we can carry more food with us. His flat already had a nice smell of salami and banana.

Food for the trip partially dried already…
Equipment; among others: shoes, tents, sleeping bags, isolation, medikit, H2O cleaner, Water bags, hiking poles, maps, compass, GPS, personal locator beacon, Camera, GoPro, cooking equipment, mosquito spray, towel, minimum of clothes, rain clothes, 2nd shoe pair, gaiters, helmet, …

We prepared a whole day also shopping some additional equipment for me were I’m especially excited about these drinking bags with a flexible tube, which obviates dehydration and makes for a smoother trip.

In the end we settled with backpacks of a weight around 30kg which was a lot for me, being used to more around 20kg and being not in top shape 😛

We started at the 7. July driving up in the direction of Yukon and an upcoming Adventure.

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