A short Introduction to Geophysics

As mentioned before I want to give once in a while some introduction to some fields of research/science that I’m involved in; so I start with a first Geophysics Post some short Introduction what its all about…

In general you will find several definitions what Geophysics comprises, mainly due to the fact that as a branch of earth sciences it is also related to geology, mineralogy, geochemistry and so on… But that’s also a good thing since we are working in a highly interdisciplinary field (respectively if you are only a little bit interested in science you will definitely find something here you will become happy with)

Geophysics is the study of the physics of the earth and its environment or in a broader sense the field that applies the principles and methods of physics to study the Earth. This includes also branching fields of meteorology, oceanography, and seismology i.e.

Its wide and I will only be able to cover or rather touch some of the fields.

Lets start with the field of applied Geophysics. Which comprises all kinds of measurement methods for subsurface site characterization. Since you want to get an idea about the geology, geological structure, groundwater, contamination or human artifacts this is one of the first directions to look since mainly all of these methods are non invasive (except borehole geophysics) and therefore environmental friendly. So to say 😀


Typical representative methods are Magnetic, Seismic, Geoelectric or ground penetrating radar. But we will start with another one…

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