When your mind’s made up!

First day at the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Three Bands: The ‘Hutchinson Andrew Trio’ a good Jazz Band; ‘The Heavy’, good but not as good as they are celebrating their selves (Although they had a cracking brilliant barisax); ‘Dr. John and the Nite trippers’, for the title headliner and a cool cat from new Orleans all in all very halfhearted.

And then like a tempest Glen Hansard. The stage was much smaller, it was more an insider but when you were there you saw all fans that wanted to feel and not just hear the hippest shit…

A concert so effortless… Changing one song in the middle to a cover of respect … Another was almost only call and response done by the fans … the complete crowd roaring as long as there was breath after smirking with the words ‘its not about arrival, its about the journey’ … making a small joke of advertisement in between … so much respect for his home country … therefore singing and teaching us folk songs … and of course all the songs we’ve become fond of…

I was moved, because Glen Hansard really lives his music. He is so much THERE or rather somewhere perfect. When the technician called to finish and the crowd still cheered like hell, like a defiant kid he screamed behind the stage ‘But I don’t want to finish, We are having so much fun. I tell you what, there are at least four more songs that I have to play’ And so the concert went more than one hour longer than when it was supposed to end. I can imagine that he also would have sung these songs when the would turned off.

We finished together with the folk song The Old triangle and I will fall asleep with the lyrics

… And the old triangle
Went jingle jangle
All along the banks
Of the Royal Canal …

in my head.

P.S.: In September one of the first things we have to do is watching the swell season together!

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