Do you know this movie image when your trusted companion, your dog, is putting his head out of the window of a driving car, his tongue letting loose in the air?

That’s how I felt yesterday night. I was going by bicycle along the river back home and it was AMAAAZING. Wooosh…

Some hours earlier I’ve been in the city walking through the booths of rib festival. Imagine every ten meters the same group of people frying ribs in their 6m high booths and at least ten people waiting to get their meat! The whole city street was full of the smell of barbecue. And everybody was offering the BEST barbecue sauce and was presenting his millions of trophy’s that have been won at some of the supposedly thousands of Americas Rib Frying Competitions. Insane 😀

I decided to buy a ticket for the complete Jazz festival in Ottawa which will be for the next 11 days. Enjoying some part of life.

In the evening I visited Amélie and her parents and we had barbecue in the garden. They were so kind to borrow me a bicycle. And that’s how I got home.

Thanks again to Amélie and her parents!

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