Golf and real Canadians

Here it is, our mighty golf team. Well two of them, because we made a men and a girls team. While the girls were all over the course, we took our time slowly from on hole to the other. Unfortunately not everybody liked that. There was a group who seemed to be slowed down by us. At least slowed down enough that suddenly a ball landed right between us. Our institutes head wasn’t happy, since somebody could have been injured really bad, and kicked the ball out in the Forrest.

We decided to wait and let them pass. One of them was really tense and asked for his ball. ‘I shot it into the trees’ our head replied; ‘you could have almost killed us there’ The thing was that we had eye contact to the other group all the time, so its unlikely that this ball was just a mistake. Well we kept calm over the whole arguing while the other group wasn’t that relaxed and up for a fight. The best thing was at the end after a heated discussion and we replied ‘You may pass, but then we will drive the balls up your arses’.

Well, that’s Canada. I thought all of these guys are much too friendly and apologize for each minor mistake. But on the Golf Course it is war!

We moved over the rest of the field; my feet were soaking wet since my shoes have had there best times already… Still I liked it somehow. Next time I may be golfing again. (Although I wasn’t good at all; Still a beginner 😀 )



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