Gatineau Park

Long time no see!

I was kind of busy the past week. Lots of work, a tour through downtown and I also signed up for Carleton athletics to go swimming once in a while.

But Yesterday I went to visit Gatineau park (Its a large area west of Ottawa and thought of as a conservation area, which means minimum traffic and the routes are even closed sometimes) for a whole day. I started with the longboard since many of the first routes have tar; however not all of them, so it began to be a large hiking trip. (I guess I looked strange carrying the board through the woods.)

It seemed to be a crazy place for mountain-bikers since they came from all over. In the end I talked to one and hiking for a couple of kilometers. We were at a lake talking about nature, preservation and catastrophe movies. On one board of pink lake titled ‘Legends and myths’ it was written: ‘Is it true that pink lake has no bottom?’ šŸ˜€

Pink Lake


I went further on through the woods and was surprised how many different animals I saw and could hear from all corners. Although the forest reminded me of Germany It still feels completely different. Finally arriving at the MacKenzie King Estate a summer place and place of retirement for Canada’s 10th prime minister. I would dream of something like this too. It’s completely remote in the woods (Ok, nowadays there are tourists) Still impressive and a great place to relax.

ruin on McKenzie King Estate

Not wanting to take the same way back I went cross country to finally find some streets. LongBoardAction! …. Well… there were some long steep hills, it was exciting and all but in the end I fell two times pretty hard and got more bruises… So for the moment I have to recover.

Late evening I was sitting in the city and listen to music of a festival while reading a book. There were also supposed to be some Dance Choreography’s but most of them Canceled. However the day ended nice with some music and a walk along the river.

Cu around.

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