WestFest in Ottawa

On Friday evening I had a couple of beers with some colleagues from the geography department. It was great and it turned out that two of them were the head of the institute, who has his own band 😀 and the hydrology Prof. I would suggest we should drink beer more often in Germany.

Talking about beer: I’ve got the feeling I’m in some kind of peer group were everybody is talking about the taste and specialities of all kinds of beers and it is expected from me to know everything about it because I’m from Germany 😛 I can almost only disapoint in this regard… But the irony is that probably after my stay here I will know a lot about beer.

Saturday We’ve been to the Westfest, it’s like a small local festival. Again: Lots of beer. We’ve been at Mathews place (Postdoc in our small working group) eating pizza with self made herbs and amazing dough. It’s a real competition to Edoardos Pizza I would say 😀 But before I was with Mathew in a Microbrewery (They seem to be everywhere and are really amazing) to get some beer… again. But it was worth it. We were siting there trying five different kinds, imagine it like a wine tasting. We also went there with our longboards. Yeah finally I’ve got longboard buddys.

The rest of Westfest wasn’t that great, some mediocre bands… On my way back with the board I was going along the river (Ottawa is really amazing, because there is a large green ring stretching around the city and all comes with bicycle trails) and having one to much i lost the board in the river… FUCK!!

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  1. Stefan Geisenheiner says:

    Glad to know that you kept dry. Better attach a surf leash next time, haha.

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