Just before take off to Ottawa

So I finally arrived in Ottawa, Elyn picked me up and gave me a cruise through the city.
Later I had time to move in my flat and visit the city centre; some impressions follow.

you find them all over the city
My first place to go; Tourist Info 😀
Parliament Center from the bridge

The best thing was the next day when we were siting at the river for lunch and comments about my living area came. …similar to: “You know, he’s living in the ghetto…” “I’ve seen a lot of German pubs but even they were not as much a ditch as the bars there.” “We could do a pub tour to pick up some fights…” 😀
Obviously I found the perfect neighborhood. Well, its comparably cheap and Gatineau Park is around. This will be the next big thing to go long-boarding there, since it has long slightly inclined streets; perfect for practicing. But first I need a board!

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  1. Jörg says:

    Looks great! have lots of fun! Cheers from flooded home land. 🙂

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